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kanneki-ken replied to your post: Update on my Mikasa meta: It is c…

that’s nearly as much as my dissertation in final year of university. how do you do it??

haha. I’ve been working on it for a little over a week now, I think. It helps that I’m talking about a subject I feel strongly about (Mikasa may not by my favorite character but I do love her), so the words come out pretty easily. 

Update on my Mikasa meta: It is currently over 16,000 words

haha…. ha…

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Attack on Titan Poll

My poll for favorite trio members is now closed. I will post the results under the read more. 

This week it’s favorite male character and favorite female character (you can vote here!). And while I’m sure I already know who are going to be the winners, I’m curious how things on the tumblr fandom fare differently than the Japanese fandom on this front. 

I’d like to try and get more turnout for this poll, so if you’d like to spread the word, I would appreciate this being reblogged so I can reach out to more than just a few of my followers. :3 Thank you. 

Next week’s poll will be favorite story arc

Results for last week’s poll:

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Anonymous said:
I didn't mean that she doesn't have respect for Eren, as in I wasn't talking about her intentions and motivations, but rather the result and effects of her behavior, which I think is more important to consider when thinking about how _Eren_ reacts to her. It is possible to care about someone and end up seeming like you lack respect for them at the same time. The other anon was asking about Eren's side, I think?

I don’t think I’m articulating my thoughts very well. lol

That was what I was trying to say, that Mikasa does have respect for Eren but he doesn’t see that. He feels like she’s treating him as less, and even like a child a lot of the time. So he thinks she doesn’t respect him. He just wants to be on equal ground with her in her eyes and that includes the issue of him feeling like she respects him. Her pushiness comes off as a lack of respect on his part which is why he tends to push back and tries to get her to back off. But because she generally doesn’t back off, it results in Eren getting angry with her because she won’t listen to him. This is what causes all the strain between them. 

But in my original response, I was also trying to say that Eren’s not without his flaws either. He does resent Mikasa’s strength because he wants to be able to do the things that she does. And she didn’t become strong for the same reasons and she only wants to utilize it to cover his ass. He’d rather her use that strength toward the bigger picture. That’s what he wants to do and I think that causes him to resent her for being so strong and not wanting to put that toward a meaningful goal like he does. And also, at the beginning, he was so wrapped up in his own desires that he completely dismisses Mikasa’s. He doesn’t even bother to hear her out when she’s trying to tell him that she’ll go back to the fields with him if he gets booted out of the military. She didn’t want that life, she wanted peace. And yes, Eren told her not to follow him, but he’s also never really acknowledged what she wants. 

Neither of them really show the other respect, even if it is there. And I don’t think that either of them have ever truly tried to understand each other. Which makes their relationship different from Eren and Armin, where Armin understands Eren’s motivation completely. That’s why he’s the one who’s able to get through to Eren in Trost during the boulder fiasco when Mikasa was unable to do so.

This is why I was saying to the original anon that I think chapter 50 has cleared most of this up because I don’t think Eren really understood her up until she thanked him for all that he did for her. Just as well, I think that was the first time that Mikasa has acknowledged to Eren directly that she actually does hold him in high regard because of what he did for her (and quite possibly the first time she even thanked him for it, assuming she never did off-screen). He needed to hear that from her. 

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Anonymous said:
I don't think it's exactly a matter of Eren wanting to be _strong_, but a matter of Eren wanting _respect_ as an individual, and Mikasa... let's be frank here, she unfortunately ends up not respecting him very much. Armin respects him a lot more.

It’s a mixture of both. Eren’s training to fight titans so of course he wants to be strong. And he wants to be the one to kill them and he knows he needs strength to do that. So when Mikasa acts like he needs protection (even though he so obviously does), it makes him feel like she thinks he is weak and incapable. I don’t want to say that she doesn’t respect Eren though. Her behavior stems more from her dependence and her fear of losing him than a lack of respect. The fact that he tells her more than once not to follow him into the Survey Corps and is just generally seemingly pushing her away, causes her to push herself onto him even more because he is making her feel insecure and she’s terrified of losing him. He doesn’t see it that way though, and feels that she is treating him as less instead of as an equal. So yes, it does boil down to the respect that he thinks she lacks for him. 

Mikasa recognizes her behavior hurts him (which is why she chooses to stay silent after the events in the forest happen when he asks if she had to protect him again) and I don’t think she acts in such a way because she has no respect for Eren. Being someone who has had total emotional dependence on another person at one point in my life, I can say right now that you tend to do rash things without thinking and you push yourself on them because you can’t imagine trying to even function without them. I understand Mikasa a lot on this. It’s not a lack of respect, but it’s fear.

She has a lot of faith in Eren’s willpower and I do think she respects him for that (and the fact that he literally saved her life), but she doesn’t have as much faith in Eren’s ability to hold himself back from being completely reckless. In a way, she probably could respect him more by listening to his wishes, but as I said, her dependence is what drives her to behave the way that she does a lot of the time. A lot of her pushiness is just an instinctual response to situations she can’t control. 

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Anonymous said:
Omg where did you get the levi strap!!!!

I got my most recent order from this ebay store. :)

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Anonymous said:
Why is Eren so much more tolerant of Armin rather than Mikasa? It seems they are much more responsive to one another emotionally and physically. Maybe its just because their like brothers? Is it Mikasa's over-protectiveness that repels Eren? Just silly thoughts! Thank you for the awesome blog! I love it!

Thank you. ^_^

The relationship dynamics between Eren and Armin are much different than Eren and Mikasa’s. 

Eren and Armin share this passion to see the outside world together and they compliment each other in a way where they try and bring each other up. Eren trusts in Armin’s mind and I would say even looks up to Armin for his intelligence. They’re the only friends the other had until Mikasa came into the picture and they have a much longer history together. Eren is a lot more headstrong and Armin is the one who is generally there to talk him down and knock some sense into Eren through his words. And because they share the dream to leave the walls, Armin is able to connect with Eren on this very personal level.

It especially helps that Armin is the one who planted the seed in Eren’s mind and I think Eren is grateful to him for opening his eyes to the bigger picture. The moment that really speaks to this is when Armin is able to get through to Eren in his titan form at Trost when Mikasa was unable to do so by simply telling Eren that he’s human. He understands Eren on a different level than Mikasa does, because he shares the same dream. 

Eren and Mikasa’s relationship is a lot messier. They can both be bullheaded and they’re both very determined and it causes them to butt heads a lot because their goals are not the same.

Their relationship started out very pure when Eren saved her and the Jaeger family offered her a home, but Mikasa quickly turned to dependence and her strength makes Eren somewhat resentful, because he wants to be strong. Because he saved her and because she knows that he is reckless, she is determined to protect him, which started out as some kind of life debt she thought she owed him. Eren didn’t ask for this though, and he hates the idea that he needs protecting at all. It makes him feel weak and it creates an inferiority complex. They entered the military together despite Eren insisting that she stay away from the danger, but she was determined to protect him. Not only did she continue to push this role of protector on him that he didn’t want from her, but she then excelled at everything without a problem while he struggled. He resents her for it, even if he’s not wanting to.

She continues to push this role of protector on Eren and he feels like she’s trying to baby him (“I’m not your little brother or your kid”). He feels like she thinks he is a helpless child who can’t handle himself and he just wants her to see him as her equal. Her behavior makes Eren feel like he’s helpless and inferior. And I think that Mikasa just wants Eren to appreciate how hard she works for his sake, but he doesn’t because he holds that resentment. I do think that chapter 50 has cleared a lot of this up, but we won’t know for sure until we see more interaction from them. At the end of the day, they both care about each other very deeply, but in general, there is just more strain there than Eren has with Armin. 

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Daily reminder to go check out and vote for your favorite of each trio member on my snk poll of the week if you haven’t yet. :)

(for science, of course)

Poll closes this evening. Next poll will be for favorite male and female characters. ^_^

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Got some goodies in the mail! The little Sasha chibi strap was a free gift from the seller. :3

Also I couldn’t resist the Springles straps!

Got some goodies in the mail! The little Sasha chibi strap was a free gift from the seller. :3

Also I couldn’t resist the Springles straps!

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